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JETSET (Junior & Senior English Tests) WORKSHOP

Programme Objective

The aims of the JETSET workshop are to introduce the new JETSET Specifications (Extended Syllabi), exam components and the support material for teachers, along with the practical experience necessary to incorporate JETSET syllabi into the existing didactical programmes or to plan courses.


The following involves topics of discussion, their supportive ideas and activities. The programme is organised into three parts with each section dedicated to the introduction and development of competencies in one of the three EDI - LCCI JETSET examination components:

• Part 1: Reading and Writing (1.5 hours)

• Part 2: Listening and Speaking (1 hour)

• Part 3: Course planning (30 mins)

The programme provides both practical didactical work and its theoretical discussions enabling teachers to both deliver information and organise the exams.

Programme material

The material to be used in the programme is as follows:

1. JETSET Specifications

2. JETSET Level 3 Reading Sample Test

3. JETSET Level 3 Writing Sample Test

4. JETSET Level 3 Speaking Sample Test

5. JETSET Level 5 Reading Sample Test

6. JETSET Level 5 Writing Sample Test

7. JETSET Level 6 Listening Sample Test

8. JETSET Workbook Sample Pages

9. Speaking Test Instructions Document

10. Teaching Support Materials

Part 1

1. Introduction

1.1. Professional Introduction

1.2. Explain event programme

1.3. Explain event activities

2. English as a second language

2.1. Problems of teaching English to young learners

2.2. JETSET: a communicative skills based ‘Develop and Assess’ exam

3. Introduction to the new JETSET examinations

3.1. Covering all four skills

3.2. 7 Levels

3.3. Two contextualised versions (JET and SET)

3.4. Aligned to the CEF

3.5. JETSET Topics

4. Introduce JETSET Reading and Writing Tests

4.1. JETSET Foundation – Level 2 Assessment components and question format

4.2. JETSET Level 3 Sample Tests – identify key grammar points

4.3. JETSET Level 4 Assessment components and question format

4.4. JETSET Level 5 Sample Tests – identify key grammar points

4.5. JETSET Reading and Writing Assessment criteria

5. Question and Answer Session

-------------------------------------------- BREAK----------------------------------------------

Part 2

6. Introduce JETSET Listening Test

6.1. Introduce Listening Tests procedure

6.2. JETSET Listening Test question format

6.3. JETSET Listening Test Assessment criteria

7. Introduce JETSET Level 6 Listening Sample Test

7.1. Simulate the Listening examination

7.2. Introduce the examination answers

8. Introduce JETSET Speaking Test

8.1. JETSET Speaking examination format

8.2. JETSET Foundation – Level 6 Timing and Material

8.3. Introduce JETSET Level 3 and 5 Speaking Sample Tests

8.4. JETSET Speaking Assessment Criteria and Allocation of Marks

8.5. Introduce JETSET Test Instructions Document

9. Introduce support material

9.1. Specifications/Extended Syllabi

9.1.1. As course planning aid

9.1.2. As examination guidance

9.2. Sample Tests

9.2.1. As review material

9.2.2. As examination simulation

9.3. Teaching Support Material

9.3.1. Suggested Course Structure

9.3.2. Sample Learning Activities

9.4. Workbook

9.5. Speaking Component Training DVD

10. JETSET Further Information

10.1. Overall Grade and Progression

10.2. JETSET Guided Learning Hours

10.3. Administrative Procedure

10.4. JETSET Distinctive Features

10.5. JETSET Benefits

10.6. JETSET Recognitions

11. Question and Answer Session

-------------------------------------------- BREAK----------------------------------------------

Part 3

12. JETSET Course Planning

12.1. Introduce the Recommended Reading List

12.2. Read through the Levels

12.3. Introduce books

12.4. Introduce JETSET Teaching Support Materials

12.5. Compare the JETSET syllabus and Suggested Course structure to the contents of the book

13. Conclusion

13.1. Question and Answer Session

13.2. Provide access to further information and support

13.3. Salutations

------------------------------------------------- END -------------------------------------------------

N.B. JETSET Workshop is modified according to the centre need and can be focused on (a) particular level(s) and/or a particular version.

The teachers wishing to become JETSET Certified Oral Examiners need to undergo the JETSET Oral Examiner Training too.

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